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Big Clean: Part 6, Pg. 14

October 5, 2015

We’re two-thirds of the way through this chapter.

This is the first page I’ve ever completed with using Corel… It didn’t seem to matter too much. I like the outcome.

I’m also happy because I finished with so much time to spare within my self-imposed time limit.


Been reassessing my approach to making pages. I’ve now set a strict time limit per page… rather than letting myself take as long as I feel the pages demand (sometimes 40+ hours). I’m going to have to get used to the limits. Without them it might take a decade to finish Big Clean. Please bear with me while I get used to working this way.


Part Two – finished!

March 11, 2015

This is the final page for part two. Took a very long time to complete.

With this page being done, the comic (as far as we have gotten anyways) can be read from beginning to end with no missing content… For the first time, haha!

Part Two will be featured in Heavy Metal Magazine’s April issue – #274.


Part 2, pg. 7

January 18, 2015

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Chapter One, Page Five

June 30, 2014


Chapter One, Page Four

June 26, 2014

The intro continues…

We’ll be uploading another updated Chrome Dome page, shortly.