Last page of the scene

June 17, 2013

This is the last page of the scene. Pretty happy with the whole thing. This page took about 8 1/2 hours. I typically work more than that in a day, so there is actually plenty of room for improvement.

In the Aftermath Comics section above, I have added the pages in a sequential gallery – it’s called “WhumpCrushKabamSlapBoing.”


Pavilion (retro)

June 16, 2013


Here I (again) wanted to do this old drawing justice color-wise so I took about 3 hrs off today and got this. Its a little tighter than I like and I want to add more hallucinatory painting fancies I enjoy doing, but im getting faster which gets me pumped for these pages that im working on.



Demon Baby(retro)

June 16, 2013

Ive been exploring different mediums since ive graduated from VFS and for the color work im about to start and I think im pretty close as to what I like. Haha Im going retro and repainting some old drawings that I liked but never got around to so I can really focus on color and having fun with the under painting. The part I find really interesting and my favorite is the grass at the bottom. This look is what ill be developing in these few retro paintings. I think watercolors work the best for me to streamline my workflow. demonbaby

Fast page – part 4

June 16, 2013

This is technically the first page in the scene. The new technique has gotten intuitive enough that I really don’t have to think about it anymore. Loving it!



This one came in just under 7 hours. I’m finding that I feel a lot happier with these pages than my normal pages. They are very rewarding in some way. Maybe it’s that they don’t get stale. You have the idea, you produce it quickly, and then you can just sit back, enjoying the freshness of the it all. It feels fresh. Makes me happy!

Again, this is the next page in the narrative sequence.

slap copy

Another try using a fast technique. I gave myself a 12 hour limit for this one, considering it’s more detailed… Also, 12 hours is pretty much the limit of the amount of voluntary work I would choose to do in one day. Again, using only one tool in Corel Painter for the most part and starting in full color are the main points.

I think that it turned out alright. I couldn’t get to everything I wanted to address, so the time limit kind of frustrated me a little. But, all in all, I like the page. This is probably as far as I can push this technique at the moment though.

This is what happens next in the scene, basically.


New Process

June 13, 2013

I’ve been busy working on pages for another project, and it’s become very clear that my old technique is way too slow… In between pages (while waiting on approval), I’ve been working on a faster process that will let me get fully painted, quality pages out in one 8-hour day. This image is what I came up with today – in about 7 1/2 hours of pen to tablet work. It basically functions on one principle: I use only one tool in Corel Painter to do 95% of the work. That’s what saves the most time, I think. That and starting in full color instead of black and white.

I don’t know where this fits into The Aftermath precisely, or who this guy is, but I was trying to create an image of “The Aftermath” when I started drawing it. He’s out there somewhere, maybe near the Lind swamplands.