Khaoc Versus – Page 4

January 30, 2012

Well, I guess I “caught up” after being so insanely behind. It is technically being posted on Monday. I am cheating a bit, considering I am going to work on it a little more. Thanks for your patience… Sometimes chores/day job pile up and throw my schedule off.

Edit: Picture is finished… Really…

Khaoc Versus – Page 3

January 28, 2012

Here’s the next one. Lettering always seems to take twice as long as I’d think …

A Heads Up —

January 25, 2012

I have had a couple things come up this week, and can already tell I wont have the next page up until Friday. Sorry about the delay.

Edit: Even more stuff (taxes/submissions/life) came up. It won’t be up until really late. Sorry! Monday’s will still be up on time, though.

Edit: Edit: ARGH! It’s really late Friday night and it’s still not lettered. Although, the art is basically finished. I’ll have it up tomorrow. Once again, I apologize… SORRY! I hope I can hit a good groove soon and get these pages up on their scheduled day.  Monday’s page is still technically “on schedule” ( I don’t start it until Saturday – one of my days off).

Khaoc Versus – Page 2

January 23, 2012

Khaoc Versus – Page 1

January 19, 2012

Here it is. I’m gonna work on it a little more, but I didn’t want to post it too late.  I’ll work on getting the site formatted to better suit a webcomic over my days off (Friday and Saturday).

Edit: It’s done!

Edit: Edit: Ok…. Now it’s done, lol…

Next Page – Update

January 19, 2012

I’ve been plugging away on the next page tonight (it’s almost 1 AM), but it’s not quite there. I’ll have to wait until I get home from my job, around 5PM, to work on it some more. Expect the page to be up by the late evening. Sorry! I think the extra hours we’ll make a big difference, though.

Khaoc Versus – Cover

January 16, 2012

The official name for the web comic is “Khaoc Versus.”  It takes place in the world of The Aftermath. Here is the title page image:

I have to mess around with the site format again, so by the end of the week you should see some changes. I’ll post the first sequential page on Thursday. I’ll just post it like normal if I don’t have everything set up on the site. Hopefully, it won’t be this late in the evening. Please, bear with me as I get the whole thing started.

Hey again!

Just an update – I’m going to officially kick off the webcomic next week. It’s called “Khaoc Vs. The Aftermath.” Khaoc is the main character. I’ve posted images of him before, and he stars in a fully lettered comic in the “Aftermath Comics” section that has a similar name. I have a couple paintings of him in my gallery, too. Basically, he’s an unkillable junky that looks like a zombie. I’ll get into his past during the course of the webcomic, eventually.

I am going to post pages every Monday and Thursday. The first “page” will actually be a cover of sorts. The second page, the Thursday post, will be the first sequential page. Right now I’m violating webcomic rules by not having a bunch of pages done before I start up, but I can usually do three pages a week and I’m only posting two. I’m planning on gradually building something of a buffer zone. Hopefully that’ll work… lol.

We’re Back!

January 7, 2012

Now that the submission is pretty much complete, I am happy to announce that you’re going to see a full-blown web comic start up here soon. I’m planning to carry it through the entire “Beldvh Cycle,” as we call it. It’s going to be more episodic than a traditional “epic,” but it is reeaaaally long… Because of it’s length, I’m going to cut down on the time it takes to do a page by working in mainly black and white.

The submission we’ve been previewing is going to be sent out within the next month or two to various publishers (unfortunately not Xeric, as we had planned). So we’ll see how that goes. In the meantime, check back for updates and art. I’m not 100% on the style of the webcomic yet, so I’ll post some sketches over the next week or so as I try to nail it down.

Like I said, it’s going to be mainly in black and white. Here’s one sketch of what we’re thinking. I might have went a little overboard with the texture overlays. Just a couple tweaks and we should be rolling.