Another pavillion

May 21, 2012

Heres another Pavilion design sketch.

Update: Here it is a bit further along.

Theres going to be some updating in the “About The Aftermath” to include the stories previous and post-Walden, like “The Rebullerin” Where the toons (also known as Vendi), monsters, and the world gets a bit stranger. They will be a little vague because I dont want to give away any of the surprises and I want to show the scope of “The Aftermath” storyline.

Thanks for the voting for our submissions! My brother was neck and neck for first but we both got in the top 5! So prizes for everyone haha

Heavy Metal Contest

May 14, 2012

Hey everyone! If you have a couple seconds, please head over to –

– click on photos,  then “top 10 voting,” and vote for me and my brother’s work (Matt Molen and Kevin Molen). You vote by “Liking” the specific image. On my screen we are the first two pictures in the second row.

There is only one day left to vote, and we want both of us to get first place! Wait a second…

EDIT: 5/15 – Please vote! I’m in first place at the moment, but JUST BARELY! Voting ends tonight.

UPDATE: I came in second, by only 3 or 4 votes, within the last couple minutes. But both Matt and I made it into the top 5, so we’re all getting prizes and whatnot. Pretty cool!


Damn… It feels like forever to me, too!