Since they’ve been released officially, here are the two covers for our first issue sans logos!



Great news! Looks like Heavy Metal recently announced that they will be publishing The Aftermath: Big Clean via their independent line, starting in August!


You can check out the info in the article linked below. You can scroll through our homepage to see art that will be featured in the issues, if you’re up for it. We have also published them on our Facebook page.

Announcement article:

FB Page:

Slammed. Sorry!

May 18, 2016

There won’t be much time for me to tackle pages in the near future… Completely slammed…. Like I said in the post below, I’m slowly chipping away at these pages bit by bit. However, fully-realized, brand new Big Clean pages will continue to be scarce for some time. Keep your expectations at the low level to which they’ve most likely already migrated.


Too much work

May 14, 2016

Can’t seem to make the time for new Aftermath stuff… But, I’m always working on something! Here are the fruits of my labor, over the past couple weeks. It’s meager, I know… but I honestly don’t have the time right now. You’ll recognize a lot of this stuff from the (bad)taster, below.