Copro Gallery in Santa Monica is hosting a Heavy Metal anniversary show in July. Matt and I were lucky enough to be invited to participate.

We are doing a collaborative drawing. I’m doing the left side and Matt is doing the right side.

We’re doing the Big Four of the Guest’s Legacy… The dog, phoenix, frog, and walrus. As you can see, I tackled the dog and the phoenix.

We’ll post a picture of the full thing when it’s done.

I have only one major project I’m working on at the moment, so I think I’ll find free time in the near future to return to issue six of Big Clean.

Since they’ve been released officially, here are the two covers for our first issue sans logos!



Last year, we were lucky enough to have our artwork featured on some characters’ t-shirts on the FX show “The Bridge.” I remember seeing this particular one in an interrogation scene. I should get some screen caps, if I can.

deweydog shirt


I’ve been posting two pages a week for a while now, but I wanted to make it “official.”

Starting next week, I’m going to attempt to get three done, but can guarantee two. I’ll only be posting them on weekdays.

Khaoc Versus – Cover

January 16, 2012

The official name for the web comic is “Khaoc Versus.”  It takes place in the world of The Aftermath. Here is the title page image:

I have to mess around with the site format again, so by the end of the week you should see some changes. I’ll post the first sequential page on Thursday. I’ll just post it like normal if I don’t have everything set up on the site. Hopefully, it won’t be this late in the evening. Please, bear with me as I get the whole thing started.

Dewey Dog Head

December 27, 2010

Me and Matt are working on a revamp of the blog with a new format and lots of new Walden-inspired art. We’re hoping to make the whole thing more “focused” on what we are currently working on – the Walden story arc. I’m also planning on having some Dampurs Kline web comic stuff up in the future (semi-Walden related). We really want to claim our iconography and brand and a redesign is long overdue. The Aftermath project is very complex and we have to reorganize the website in order to more intuitively showcase our ideas. We’re hoping to have everything set up by the end of February.

This is something that I began recently. It’s a riff on cartoon icons while revealing the true character behind Walden’s friendly, corporate facade.