Well, this is the first time I’ve ever done anything in full color in one day. It’s also the first time I’ve ever done a fully rendered page, black and white or color, in a 24 hour period. It was done on cold press ill. board with markers, acrylics, inks, colored pencil, and pencil. Oh yeah, and one hi-liter.

I think the results are pretty nice. I’m happy with this piece.  Ever since Anaheim Comic Con I’ve been inspired to do fully colored pages. This one depicts the lead character of The Aftermath – Walden Earth, Abram, as a Walden grunt or enforcer type.

Here are the pencils for the fully colored page I’m working on today. I’m going to use the same method for creating this page as I did for the image in the post below. I’ll add more images, via updates, to this post as I go along or finish. I’m hoping to maybe be able to get this page done in roughly 10 hours of work. I’ve already spent two.

5 hours in – Sorry for the bad picture.

My ten hours is up. Looks like I’m going to have to finish it tomorrow morning. Got pretty far, though.

Quick sketch

April 26, 2010

This is something I did in about 10 minutes. I have been experimenting a little more with the technique I used on “The Pow Machine” (I’m really not satisfied with that piece) and I finally think I got the right combo that is fast and looks complete. Though this image is pretty humble and loose, I think I can do a lot with this method in my sequential pages.

Comic Con Packet Update

April 25, 2010

Hello, if you’re looking for better images of what is in the comic convention packet, please check out the Comic Con Packet post a couple posts ago. Thanks!

So, I finished the Pow Machine page. I’ve never used this technique to make a complete image, and the process took a little longer than I intended. Also, the final product didn’t really measure up to what I wanted, but, at the same time, it’s not as bad as I feared it could be. That’s a fair trade in my book.

I’m going to do another picture like this soon and, after making lots of mistakes, hopefully maximize the effectiveness of this particular method at some point. First thing – more contrast in the next drawing. Second thing – I didn’t prep at all before I started this piece, so, that lead to some color confusion. I plan on doing some pages in full color using this style, so I really, really want it to work.

Basically, I used acrylic washes to add color over the gray scale on bristol, then built the drawing up with a little more paint, ink pens, markers, and lots of colored pencils. What I really need is a big set of color prismacolor markers. It would save a lot of time, and spare me the process of trying to even out the fast-drying acrylic washes done over large areas.

I actually took a night off to flesh out an idea me and my cousin came up with while I was in Anaheim. It has to do with busy intersections and crosswalks, Captain Smile-A-Long, and the repeated phrase “Mind the turrets.” Should make for an interesting script I hope.

Pow Machine – Marker

April 21, 2010

I added marker, white acrylic, ink pens, and graphite to the original image. The color in the pants is from markers. I just wanted to see how it looked. I wish I had more color markers, but they are so expensive. Gonna hopefully finish it up, in full color, after work over the next day or two.

The Pow Machine

April 20, 2010

My trip to the Anaheim Comic Convention was awesome! I spoke with some of my childhood heroes and was introduced to new, inspirational work I hadn’t seen before. After obsessively looking over a lot of their work for a day or two, I was inspired to do something I hadn’t done in a while – color!

… I know… No color yet. But I plan on working this up with markers and acrylics within the next couple days.

I’m thinking this guy is one of the deathless elders, like Khaoc. Check back later for the colored version of “The Pow Machine!”

Comic Con Packet

April 17, 2010

Below is a gallery of images that I took with me, in packet form, to the comic convention:

For additional paintings, sequential pages, and older stuff please visit my myspace page at http://www.myspace.com/apokalogion

Contact me at quidartist@gmail.com.

-Kevin Andrew Molen

Please check out the new page in the bar above, called “A Night in Walden Earth”: Bee Scene, for the best quality images associated with the so-named “Bee Scene.”

Hope you like them!

Alrighty, here’s the “Bee/Gorilla/Vacuum Scene,” after some reworks, posted in order.

I’m going to take better pictures of them and maybe do some final touch-ups some time in the afternoon. When I’ve got them the way I like them, I’m gonna make a separate page at the top for them, so look out for that.