Last page – pg 23

November 14, 2013

This is the last page of the scene. Now we just gotta go back and add the prologue. It takes place in a Walden city, so that’s something to look forward to. Shouldn’t be too long before it’s complete.

For this page, Matt did the design for the monster.


Page 22

November 10, 2013

The Big Clean continues…


Page 21 – Big Clean

November 6, 2013

A familiar face has appeared for those of you who have been following The Aftermath closely.


Page 20! Woop!

November 4, 2013

Here’s the next page. It took 9 1/2 hours to complete the art for this page. Only a couple pages left until the end of this issue. But we are rewinding a little here, and we’re going to add a prologue.


Page 19

November 2, 2013

Here you go!