Hey everyone!

I am a finalist in the art contest I listed above.

If you have some spare time, please log into facebook, and “like” my image to vote for it.

Here is a link to the gallery:


My entry looks like this:


I tried my hand at coloring the black and white version. It’s surprisingly easy. I rendered a lot over it, too, and that took a while. I also added a couple details. But the coloring part was fun and a piece of cake. I think it looks a lot better. Check it out!

Here is the next page. I had it laying around for a while, with just a day or two worth of work left to do. I finally touched it up enough to post it.

As for my plans for Khaoc Versus, I really REALLY want to get this episode with Chrome Dome done before the end of the year. This includes going back and coloring the black and white pages and the cover… This might be a little ambitious considering my other jobs, but I think (hope) I can fit it in. The goal is to get a dozen or so issues printed so I can pitch The Aftermath to publishers again. I really want this thing to get picked up!

I was thinking about how the whole story of The Aftermath ends, and it is SO cool… I want to see it happen. I want other people to be able to see it happen. But there is so much material in the series, that if we don’t start in the next couple years we’ll both probably be dead before we can get the whole thing done lol…