SotHH pg 1

May 16, 2020

Drawing in pen/pencil/sharpie. Digitally colorized.

Page 1

Pencil and pen with digital coloring.

Page 1 soon


BIg Clean 6, pg. 4

September 8, 2017




Copro Gallery in Santa Monica is hosting a Heavy Metal anniversary show in July. Matt and I were lucky enough to be invited to participate.

We are doing a collaborative drawing. I’m doing the left side and Matt is doing the right side.

We’re doing the Big Four of the Guest’s Legacy… The dog, phoenix, frog, and walrus. As you can see, I tackled the dog and the phoenix.

We’ll post a picture of the full thing when it’s done.

I have only one major project I’m working on at the moment, so I think I’ll find free time in the near future to return to issue six of Big Clean.

Been a while!

September 5, 2016

I thought I should post letting everyone know that issue #1 should be in stores/shipping on or around the 7th. I’ve been putting a ton of extra effort into the art for the issues. Issue 1 (formerly Parts 1+2) has a huge amount of updated art. I’d say it’s more or less transformed. I’ve also added a lot to issue 2 (formerly Part 3) for October. Here’s a sample of what the new pages look like (hint hint – weird and hard to make out like all the rest!):



We’re tinkering with a new story. Actually, it’s been around for years (since the beginning, basically) but we haven’t been able to get to it. It’s tentatively titled “The Aftermath: Halfway’s Folly.”

It takes place very far in the future in our world… long after the fall of Walden – which is just a distant dream (or nightmare) at this point in the timeline.

Here’s the main character – The Halfway Man.


Part 6, Page 18, Big Clean

November 1, 2015


Big Clean: Part 6, Pg. 14

October 5, 2015

We’re two-thirds of the way through this chapter.

This is the first page I’ve ever completed with using Corel… It didn’t seem to matter too much. I like the outcome.

I’m also happy because I finished with so much time to spare within my self-imposed time limit.


Banksy’s Dismaland

August 20, 2015

I’ve been seeing a lot of news regarding this new art show by Banksy. I guess we can count The Aftermath among the trendier ideas that are floating around in the world’s collective imagination. We’ve been doing this kind of imagery for years – since we began in 2008, actually. Unfortunately, the press isn’t exactly beating down our doors…

Please check out our 100+ page comic to see what we mean. Our current arch in the universe of The Aftermath, called “Big Clean,” started in 2012. Part One, Two, and Six best demonstrate the Walden look (decrepit, militarized Disney) as they take place in the Walden city of Lind… and expect to see more as nearly the entire arch will unfold within those walls.