Here’s the finished version. You can compare it to the post below to see what Matt added on the right hand side. Pretty happy with how it turned out. If you’re in So. Cal. mid-month, check it out at the Copro Gallery in Santa Monica. It will be shown along with a ton of other work by great artists as part as the Heavy Metal 40th anniversary show (link to gallery site below).

Copro Gallery in Santa Monica is hosting a Heavy Metal anniversary show in July. Matt and I were lucky enough to be invited to participate.

We are doing a collaborative drawing. I’m doing the left side and Matt is doing the right side.

We’re doing the Big Four of the Guest’s Legacy… The dog, phoenix, frog, and walrus. As you can see, I tackled the dog and the phoenix.

We’ll post a picture of the full thing when it’s done.

I have only one major project I’m working on at the moment, so I think I’ll find free time in the near future to return to issue six of Big Clean.

Whoopee! With this one, I tried spinning. That’s a good trick!


Big Clean #2 Sell Out!

October 7, 2016

That is crazy! Thanks everyone!!

The Aftermath #1 SELLS OUT!

September 8, 2016

And we got a second printing! Woah!!

Never expected that… Thanks to everyone, new and old, for the support. And CONGRATS to all the creators under the Heavy Metal banner that sold out, as well. Represent!!

Been a while!

September 5, 2016

I thought I should post letting everyone know that issue #1 should be in stores/shipping on or around the 7th. I’ve been putting a ton of extra effort into the art for the issues. Issue 1 (formerly Parts 1+2) has a huge amount of updated art. I’d say it’s more or less transformed. I’ve also added a lot to issue 2 (formerly Part 3) for October. Here’s a sample of what the new pages look like (hint hint – weird and hard to make out like all the rest!):



Yoyo great news! The Molen Bros will be attending San Diego Comic Con! Well be down there in the Heavy Metal booth if you guys wanna stop by!


Heres our first sculpt based on our comic’s characters! His name is silence and he dwells within the aftermath universe, though a little in the later. We plan from here on out to produce almost every character we have in the comic, and any other awesome idea we want/ can think of. Right now were shopping for quotes and well start with miniature sizes (around 9cm) tall and if theyre popular we’d love to produce some in the 7in range.

If you want to see the turntable heres the site: