Chrome Dome pg. 15

July 17, 2014

I finished updating all the Chapter Two pages. That means it’s officially a finalized part of the Big Clean!

I made some changes to the colors in this page, so I decided to post it… The rest that I completed today were only dialog/font updates.


Finally! After I update the text on the other pages, I will be posting new pages from Chapter One again.



Chrome Dome, pg. 9

July 14, 2014

One more to go after this… I’m hoping to complete the last one today/tonight/early morning.


Chrome Dome Eight

July 13, 2014

Only two more to color and fully update, then back to doing completely new pages. Although, I have to say these updates make these old pages into something new and different, at least to me.


Chapter 2, Page 7

July 11, 2014

Another Chrome Dome update.


Chapter Two, Page 6

July 4, 2014


Chapter One, Page Six

July 2, 2014

Another page from the introduction.