Digital Sketch

August 25, 2011

Here’s something I whipped up at top speed. I think it only took about two hours. I call it a sketch, but if I were to make a web-comic or fully painted G.N., it would be in this “sketchy” style because of the speed. In fact, everything I have been posting lately has been a sketch. Speed is the most important thing to me, right now.

It’s a riff on John Mueller’s “Oink: Blood and Circus,” which I’ve been looking at a lot lately. Although, there are no green skinned men in that.

We started work on something that may or may not come to fruition as a web-comic. I’m still working out the style of the pages, and the ever-annoying polish vs. time invested conundrum, but I am close. Maybe over the weekend I can get a page up.

It’s NOT going to be the Walden Earth story, funny enough. It IS a story that takes place in the Walden Empire, though. I’m going to have to revamp the whole site soon to reflect all the new info.

The Salephant

August 16, 2011

With a few new brushes and Photoshop this illustration looks pretty good! Im going to go back and darken and render the rest like the head. There’ll be an updated one after im completely through with it. Sometimes seeing the same ‘ol drawing day after day you just want to throw it out there haha.

Weird Portrait

August 16, 2011

I did this while a Law and Order: SVU marathon was playing in the background. Maybe that’s why it looks sorta like Munch?

Another Minotaur Style Pic

August 15, 2011

Like the one below, but I tried to replicate it in color this time.

Once again, I am super happy with the results!

Minotaur Pic

August 12, 2011

Something I worked on in Photoshop and Corel. I have to say that I am really proud of this one, because it pretty precisely nails everything I love to say with my art. There’s still things I would change, but I am satisfied with it just the way it is, warts and all. It’s very representative of my point of view, I think – for better or worse.

I took a picture of the original pencil drawing, and left in the graininess and rendered  (in corel mostly) off that grain and the added textures from photoshop. Also, the light was coming from the top when I took the picture, so I had these cool built in highlights that ran along the indents of my pencil lines which I could utilize (or hide) whenever I wanted.

Random Rock Painting

August 8, 2011

I just downloaded a brush set on photoshop, and I decided to experiment with it. I also ran it through Painter for the fine details. It’s super fast – this only took me an hour or so.


August 6, 2011

Heres a quick miniature I did between pages (2in x 2in). I love miniatures and the beautiful styles withing them and plan on integrating them into the comic. This one has to do with a soldier (Daw) who sold out his friends for higher positioning. What he was promoted to do was the prestigious position of getting Mr X out of Walden earth.

Submission Page 6

August 4, 2011

I take back what I said – I have applied the new fast technique to the submission. This image is from a photo (not a scan) so it’s not as high quality as I’d like.

Still, it only took me about 4 hours to complete (working from Matt’s pencils), so I think that’s a huge improvement without a significant loss in quality.

Quick Style Page(s)

August 1, 2011

My brother and I were thinking that we can’t keep spending 20 hours on each page for the rest of our lives, so we’re experimenting with faster styles. This double page spread took me 9 hours to do. It was done by hand. Basically, I gave myself only ten hours to do it, so I had to work a lot faster than I am comfortable with, but it came out a lot better than I expected. I’m actually (surprisingly) satisfied with the way it looks.

This style won’t affect the way the 2011 submission issue will look for the sake of it’s continuity, but we will be using quicker styles for the newer pages once we’re done with the submission.

This is going to be turned into a painted page, and will be a “cover” for a possible “Khaoc Versus” comic in which Khaoc takes on Hammerhead-Rhino Man.