We finished writing the next two chapters of Big Clean… we’re starting production!

Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store – this guy plays a big part!


Here is the last page!



Big Clean, Part 6, Page 21

November 23, 2015

I like the way this one turned out.


Part 6, Page 20, Big Clean

November 14, 2015

Getting close to the end… Same chapter, new scene.

I love having Corel again, as you can probably tell. I prefer it over Photoshop by a mile.


Big Clean 6.15

October 14, 2015

Part Six, page fifteen.

Still getting used to using PS only. Had to do some big time problem solving on this one. I ended up going an hour over my limit, but considering the hours of lost time due to f- ups, I’d say I came out about even.


Bootstrap Bimmy makes a cameo!



Part Two – finished!

March 11, 2015

This is the final page for part two. Took a very long time to complete.

With this page being done, the comic (as far as we have gotten anyways) can be read from beginning to end with no missing content… For the first time, haha!

Part Two will be featured in Heavy Metal Magazine’s April issue – #274.


Part 2, pg. 12

February 26, 2015

One down, two to go.


Pt.2, Pg. 11

February 23, 2015