BIg Clean 6, pg. 4

September 8, 2017




Too much work

May 14, 2016

Can’t seem to make the time for new Aftermath stuff… But, I’m always working on something! Here are the fruits of my labor, over the past couple weeks. It’s meager, I know… but I honestly don’t have the time right now. You’ll recognize a lot of this stuff from the (bad)taster, below.



Part 5 Finished!

August 9, 2015

This is the last page for Part 5. Therefore, Part 6 is no longer a preview. I changed the text on the main Big Clean page to indicate that.


Big Clean Part 5, Pg. 23

August 2, 2015

The next page is the last of this chapter.

(Special thanks to my friend Alex for impromptu editing).



I’ve never posted a page from Big Clean in its unfinished state… but, there’s a first time for everything! I’m going on a short vacation for the 4th of July weekend, so I won’t be able to work at all until Sunday. I had to do the dialog very early on in order to organize the page elements around the bubbles. Because it’s readable, I thought I’d post it for fun.

This is what my linework looks like. My next step will be to shade underneath this layer to establish the values… Then the coloring begins.


Yes, yep, yeah.