Khaoc Versus – Page 9

February 25, 2012

Nothing much to comment about. This one went pretty smooth. So here it is:

Sorry about the long wait, but my “shortcut” ended up costing me a bunch of time (awesome). I’m working on it still. It’ll be finished soon.

Edit: DING! Done.

Hmmmmm…. Page 8

February 19, 2012

I modified my approach a little on this one to see if it would save me time. I’m afraid it may have COST me a lot of time. We’ll see if I can salvage it. I doubt it’ll be up tonight. Probably tomorrow.

Update: Couldn’t get it done. It definitely didn’t save me time to completely ink by hand…. Ugh. It’ll be done tomorrow, and pretty late too. So much for that experiment. The positive is that it’s looking good despite the setback.

Khaoc Versus – Page 7

February 17, 2012

Here it is! Still kinda working on it as we speak. And, yes, five is “early” to me.

Edit: Done and outlawed.


I got really sick over the weekend, so I haven’t been able to work on the pages as much as I’d like. I started feeling a lot better today. I will have the next one up either really late tomorrow or early Friday, and the next one by Saturday or Sunday. So, still two pages, both at the end of the week, though.

Next Page – Khaoc Versus

February 11, 2012

It’s after 12 AM Friday night, so this is as done as it’s going to get today. Sorry about being a day late. I was getting too used to not working on the page.

It’s got some “mature content,” so I’m posting it only in the link above – the one that says “Webcomic – Khaoc Versus.”

EDIT: WEEEeeeEEeeell, I think the formatting on the webcomic section doesn’t really work well with small monitors, since it has no “zoom” function. I’ll post the censored page up here, so everyone can read the dialog. If you wanna see the “hotness” check in the other section.

Next Page – On Thursday!

February 6, 2012

I’ve gotten WAAYYAAYAYYAYAYAY too behind on the page. I’m gonna pass up today’s post, and post the next page on Thursday. That way, I can be back on schedule instead of rushing things every single time. Thanks for being patient!