Last year, we were lucky enough to have our artwork featured on some characters’ t-shirts on the FX show “The Bridge.” I remember seeing this particular one in an interrogation scene. I should get some screen caps, if I can.

deweydog shirt


I’ve been posting two pages a week for a while now, but I wanted to make it “official.”

Starting next week, I’m going to attempt to get three done, but can guarantee two. I’ll only be posting them on weekdays.



Big Clean, Part 5, Pg. 6… The battle rages on…

Meanwhile, The Aftermath: Big Clean, Part Two has been included in Heavy Metal Magazine, issue #274! The magazine is out for delivery and should be in stores soon. Make sure to grab a copy! Here’s a link to the preview:


Speeding up again. Finally incorporated all the things I learned recently into my overall workflow. Smooth and quick, this time.


Pt. 5, pg. 4

April 15, 2015

It’s getting real…


Pt. 5, pg. 3

April 12, 2015

Fuckin’ flies…


Pt. 5, pg. 2

April 8, 2015


Pt. 5, Pg. 1

April 4, 2015

Here is the first page for part five. Will update with dialog as soon as it’s done (an hour or two).

Edit: Alright, dialog is in. Had a lot of time to mess around with PS and to reconsider the some presentation elements while we were doing the writing.

The background will be white for Part Five. I finally have a method that allows me to intuitively add more stylistic variations than I could before… something I’ve been trying to perfect for years. I also want to pay more attention to integrating the sound effects into the art, itself. This page was completed within one 24 hour period… So it’s one of the fastest I’ve ever done. I’m really happy with the results, as well.


Part Five Update.

April 3, 2015

The writing is done… New pages will be posted every couple days starting in the very near future.

Been messing around with PS while between pages… Learned some new tricks from John Mueller’s videos:

Here’s a loose, digital painting… completed as quickly as I could manage. Not very Aftermath-ish, in style, but I figured I’d post it as an “extra.”