As my brother posted the link below, go check out the submissions and vote for your favorite.Image

This is my entry for the contest I was talking about.

Here is the facebook page for the contest:

Hey everyone.

I gotta spend my free time focusing on some contest entries I’m working on. I’ll post the art on the blog, but it’s not related to The Aftermath. The deadlines for the pieces are basically both at the end of April. So, as much as I want to, I won’t be able to promise an actual new Khaoc Versus page until some time in early May. Sorry to leave you on a cliffhanger – Khaoc getting his head kicked off! I am really hoping to get these pieces done early, but I just wanted to give everyone a heads up for now.

Like I said, I will be posting the art for the contests, though. So if you’re here for art, you’ll be getting some cool pieces soon!


Khaoc Versus – Page 14

April 15, 2012

I’m pretty shocked it’s been two weeks since the last post. I didn’t even realize all that time had passed. The pages are taking a lot longer than they used to, but I should still be able to do one a week. I apologize that it didn’t happen this round. I’ve been lacking in motivation for some reason, lately.

Also, I think that the process I use isn’t as fast as it could be. I might play around with it for the next piece… But I’m sad to say that the next post won’t be for the web comic. I’m going to enter a piece into the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse contest for Heavy Metal. It’s a fan art contest, and the prizes are good! I want that Bisley painting!

Here it is:


Here’s the next one. I’m liking the way it’s turning out. Gonna noodle around with it a little longer, probably. It’s half digital/half real once again. I spent a whole lot longer in the digital rendering phase – stepping my game up. I haven’t rendered this way in almost a year. It’s long overdue that I incorporate that aspect of my work once again.

Oh yeah – this is what Waldenites look like. So you can see what I meant when I brought up The Hunger Games and the Capitol people. Who knew a kids book would take some of our imagery’s thunder? Waldenites are much more depraved and absurd, though…

Edit: Still working on it, but it’s 2AM, gotta sleep. Dialog might change.

Hello everyone. I hope I can get this next page up by the end of the night today. It’s much more rendered than the other ones. I think my pages might take longer – like one a week – since they are in color, AND I’m going to try to do a lot more rendering now. This one probably won’t be worth the long wait, but it will look better than the other pages, I think. If I can get my act together and work on an actual schedule, I might be able to get back to two pages a week. I’ve just been lacking motivation lately for some reason. I’ve had this page drawn out since last weekend, but I didn’t do anything with it. I’ve just been laying around like a log – super low energy. Hopefully that changes too, because it’s really been weighing on me that I haven’t been working or posting. At least I got a lot of cleaning done today… What a bummer.