I’m messing with Painter and Photoshop in order to figure out the style for the full graphic novel. I feel like this is close. I don’t know who this guy is supposed to be. Some kind of Walden toxic ninja dude or something.

I may be posting less in the future due to the fact that I’m going to be spending a lot of time on the script for “Return to Walden Earth.” I’ll probably still post little style studies like this, though.

Random Walden Duck Face

March 22, 2011

Since I didn’t update the last one, here’s a new one:

Gas Mask – Walden

March 19, 2011

A sketch I’m working on of a buff dude in a Walden style gas mask. I’ll post updates as I go along.

I tried a new technique out where I did most of the detail in pencil. Probably should have waited until I finished the whole mini-issue, because now this page looks a lot different than the other ones, haha!

I’ll have to go back and fix it, but I’m gonna post now anyways. I have to go back and rework a lot of pages and fix the dialog and stuff (there was no script), so I will take care of all of that at the same time.


This one took 24 hours of work to finish. I think it’s pretty obvious which panel took extra long to finish.

A two page spread this time. Pretty fun page(s).