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The Aftermath is a comic book and art project consisting of science-fiction stories and artwork set in a retro-apocalyptic future. It has been worked on over the years by us – Matt and Kevin Molen.

The main antagonist in our world is the the Walden Empire. Walden is the largest and most powerful political entity on the planet. It can be succinctly described as a militarized, fascist, Imperial Disney. The image below showcases how this dynamic looks, visually.

The most elite citizens of Walden, the Waldenites, live out their ultra-escapist fantasy lifestyles in immense, fortified resort theme parks – made possible by the hard work of the masses who are promised that one day they can live the dream, too. Smile-A-Live-Long-Day (TM)!

All is guided by their beloved sovereign, the enigmatic Captain Smile-A-Long, whose manic genius is both a force of spectacular creation and sadistic destruction.

The scope of The Aftermath extends far beyond Walden, however. From the humanity’s near destruction in the wake of an apocalyptic event caused by an entity called The Guest, to the literal “last day” on Earth, our stories are told with a large dose of immersive, world-building detail and a mix of humor and horror.

Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy!

– Matt and Kevin

All text, concepts therein, and images posted on this blog are copyright Molen Brothers 2008 – 2022.

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