Hello again!

When I said “later part of the month,” I guess I really meant it. I will be posting a lot of pages in the near future, so keep checking back with us. At the end of the chapter (completing which is my main project right now) you’ll see the inside of a Walden city! With it’s strange, military, fascist, cartoon imagery!

I got some updated tools in between pages. But I try to keep that handmade/warts-and-all look to the work that I always do.

In terms of what I like about art, Da Vinci got it right – “The painter who draws merely by practice and by eye, without any reason, is like a mirror which copies every thing placed in front of it without being conscious of their existence.”


The Hold Up

October 13, 2013

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the lack of content. We’re both tied up in other projects, at the moment. I’ll have some new stuff in the later part of this month. I plan on getting all of chapter one finished, once I start again. If you haven’t looked at our older work, it’ll be your first glimpse into a Walden city.