Khaoc Versus – Page 15

May 9, 2012

Damn… It feels like forever to me, too!


4 Responses to “Khaoc Versus – Page 15”

  1. Lovely.
    Did you like Simon coldWater_?
    It reminds me of.

    • I have only seen the 10 or so pages printed in the Simon Bisley art book, but I think that is my favorite Bisley art of all time! So yes, I like it. I actually had Bisley draw me a picture of Simon Coldwater when I met him at a Comic Convention.

  2. Thanks a lot! Corben and Sienkiewicz are two of my favorites, along with Bisley and Sam Kieth. I had never heard of Emond, but when I looked him up I was super impressed! Sad to hear what happened… I must get that White Trash comic he did, but prices for it are insane from what I can see. Thanks so much for leading me to his work! I’ll get a new page up this week. Working on it as we speak…

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