Pavilion (retro)

June 16, 2013


Here I (again) wanted to do this old drawing justice color-wise so I took about 3 hrs off today and got this. Its a little tighter than I like and I want to add more hallucinatory painting fancies I enjoy doing, but im getting faster which gets me pumped for these pages that im working on.




Demon Baby(retro)

June 16, 2013

Ive been exploring different mediums since ive graduated from VFS and for the color work im about to start and I think im pretty close as to what I like. Haha Im going retro and repainting some old drawings that I liked but never got around to so I can really focus on color and having fun with the under painting. The part I find really interesting and my favorite is the grass at the bottom. This look is what ill be developing in these few retro paintings. I think watercolors work the best for me to streamline my workflow. demonbaby


Been so busy that I haven’t been able to update the post. Basically, I took the scanned image and imported it into Photoshop. I then copied the background layer, darkened it, and erased away to reveal the light layer below. Then I color corrected using overlay and hard light layers… Then I basically rendered the crap out of it with the pencil tool and a few other brushes, in Corel Painter.  That’s about it!

Move Zig!

You know what you doing?

I’m not sure that I can say “yes.”

Here is the old image:

Khaoc Versus Bunny under-painting, Micron and acrylic

Khaoc Versus Bunny under-painting, Micron and acrylic

Here’s how it looks now:

Khaoc Vs Bunny, mixed on Illustration board.

Khaoc Vs Bunny, mixed on Illustration board.

I did a color study on Photoshop, then commenced with the real-world painting. I painted it a lot like a watercolor. I went in with acrylic washes and blocked in all the elements- with special attention given to the color gradients in each area (that’s where the digital color study really helped). Then I made more specific color washes with acrylic – like the decals and armor pieces on the bunny. Then I used lots of markers, followed by pens, and finally colored pencils to tighten and add detail.

I learned that I have to go darker with the initial drawing. I spent too much time going over certain areas again and again trying to darken them, thus redrawing them several times. I also wish that I had added more color variety and gradients, overall. But this is my first attempt at completing a painting in this particular style, so I have a lot to learn about the method.

Here’s the next one. I’m liking the way it’s turning out. Gonna noodle around with it a little longer, probably. It’s half digital/half real once again. I spent a whole lot longer in the digital rendering phase – stepping my game up. I haven’t rendered this way in almost a year. It’s long overdue that I incorporate that aspect of my work once again.

Oh yeah – this is what Waldenites look like. So you can see what I meant when I brought up The Hunger Games and the Capitol people. Who knew a kids book would take some of our imagery’s thunder? Waldenites are much more depraved and absurd, though…

Edit: Still working on it, but it’s 2AM, gotta sleep. Dialog might change.

Khaoc Versus – page 12

March 20, 2012

Here’s the latest page. I moved at a slow/steady pace on this one, and still not sure where all the time went. I’m still doing half traditional/half digital. I used the patented Fist of the North Star change in scale on the fallen Chrome Dome. I always loved how people and their attributes would change in size throughout that movie, depending on what the creators were trying to emphasize. I also felt bad killing off the snail, so I made sure the poor guy went to heaven. It’s so much harder, emotionally, to kill off animals and insects than humans.

Khaoc Versus – Page 11

March 12, 2012

Surprise! It’s in color!

Figuring out the process took a while, but I think it was worth the wait. Thanks for being patient!

All the pages will be in color from now on. This page took about equal or less time than some of the black and white stuff!

The pages are drawn on bristol, parts are inked, then I do an acrylic wash/texturing, add some markers and colored pencils, and then I take a shitty photo of it. This is the part I’d change if I had more money. I can’t afford to get every page scanned right now. After I get it into Photoshop, I correct the colors, and then I’m off into the digital painting realm – with a lot of Corel Painter,too.

I’d also buy a nice font to save time…