Spot the Difference!

December 16, 2011

See if you can find the differences between this image and the image below! Just kidding. That would be boring… This is the last page in the chapter. I gotta go back and fill in the gaps in the pages- like where Daw escapes from the courtroom. I might work on it some more, but this is about as finished as it’ll get.


Next One.

December 2, 2011

Another image from Return to Walden Earth.

I keep modifying my working method, but I think I might have to stick with how I used to do it. The pages are taking longer than they used to, and I can’t even justify the time spent. Every page is sorta like an experiment. When it comes to expectations, I go by what Sam Kieth said about art – it’s never as good as you hope, but it’s also not as bad as you feared. Something like that, anyways.

Next Page – Number 16

November 28, 2011

Alright, it’s doneĀ  – 2 AM Monday morning, does that still count as “the weekend?” Why not…

I’m gonna have to add some orange glow to the smoke in these panels, since the yellow/orange was so powerful in the last panel on page 15. Other than that, it’s done. I gotta go back and tweak some continuity issues here and there, so I’ll do it in one sweep after the whole chapter is done. Daw is entering into some sort of hallucinatory death delusion in this scene. I don’t know why, but I really like this page.

I skipped a couple pages, so this one might be a little confusing since it’s out of sequence. Not sure how I feel about this one. It’s alright, I guess.

Preview – Page 14

November 17, 2011

Finally! I was able to put Skyrim down for a while and get back to work….

Another page in the preview of part II of Return to Walden Earth. The next couple are going to involve some spoilers, so I might only post them in the Current Work section above.

Part II Preview – Page 13

November 11, 2011

Another one. Still getting used to the new comp and tools, but I’m getting pretty comfortable again. This one took a little under 10 hours, but I probably could have made it a little more detailed. Oh well… To me, each page is like a little experiment, or refinement. That’s what keeps it interesting. The next page should be ready by Sunday.

Part II – Page 12

November 9, 2011

Hello again!

It took a while to get my computer configured the way I wanted it, and I got a Windows 7 partition all set up on my imac now. Everything finally got settled over the weekend, and I was able to start working at my normal pace again… Well, almost. I put a little extra time into this one (mostly on purpose). About 3 hours extra.

I’m actually still trying to fully get back into my groove. It’s funny how switching to different equipment can have such a significant impact on how comfortable I feel. Even though everything is faster, it still “feels” a little different. I actually screwed up the first version of this page so bad that I had to chuck the whole thing after about 10 hours of work. It would have took me longer to fix than to start over, haha! Funny how a couple ill-timed saves can screw you in the digital medium.

I should be back to doing 3 pages a week, now. This scene is just about half way through!

These robots are getting pretty cartoony, but they are not Toons. There are a couple Toons in Return to Walden Earth, but the Toons-E-Toad Courthouse actually represents a sort of precursor technology to the Toons. They are more than just animatronic, but they are not yet “aware,” and don’t consider themselves a “people” like Toons do. The Toons-E-Toad Courthouse is one of the throwback novelty exhibits in Walden Earth that showcase Walden’s past.