Some more pages.

June 16, 2014

I have five new pages to post over the next two weeks or so. They are a part of the intro scene to the Big Clean.

We decided to include the Chrome Dome stuff in the main story after all. I have to go over those pages and adjust them here and there, but I’ll try to post those as soon as they’re updated.

Anyways, with these new pages, I wanted to capture a little bit more of a “raw” energy. The more recent pages were beginning to feel stagnant to me. Don’t know if I succeeded, or if it was even a good idea in the first place, haha!

I added a Disclaimer section about my art style and a “What We’re Up To” section to the webcomic page above. The “What We’re Up To” will stay current with what we’re actively working on until we are all caught up.



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