What the Hunger Games?

February 5, 2012

I read the first couple chapters and had to put it down. The Capitol people are so similar to Waldenites! What the crud?! I just heard of the movie, and a coworker recommended that I read the book after I told them about The Aftermath. The Capitol is like Walden scaled WAY down. Waldenites are way more extreme than they are. Though, I have to say, they dress and LOOK the same (from what I’ve read). Our imagery is sorta the same – minus the Disney-esque theme that we have. Oh well. Fuck it! We came up with Walden in 2008, having never read or even heard of The Hunger Games, and Walden is definitely not “young adult” material. We’ve also written way too much to think about going back…

First Epic Mickey and now this? By the time (if) we get any attention our imagery will be “old hat.” Ah well. I still like it too much to stop.

Needless to say, I wont be reading or watching The Hunger Games, nor anything of the trilogy. I don’t want that lingering in the back of my mind as I try to write and/or draw.


I’m working on the next page as we speak. Might be up a little late (weird, huh?).


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