Part II – Page 12

November 9, 2011

Hello again!

It took a while to get my computer configured the way I wanted it, and I got a Windows 7 partition all set up on my imac now. Everything finally got settled over the weekend, and I was able to start working at my normal pace again… Well, almost. I put a little extra time into this one (mostly on purpose). About 3 hours extra.

I’m actually still trying to fully get back into my groove. It’s funny how switching to different equipment can have such a significant impact on how comfortable I feel. Even though everything is faster, it still “feels” a little different. I actually screwed up the first version of this page so bad that I had to chuck the whole thing after about 10 hours of work. It would have took me longer to fix than to start over, haha! Funny how a couple ill-timed saves can screw you in the digital medium.

I should be back to doing 3 pages a week, now. This scene is just about half way through!

These robots are getting pretty cartoony, but they are not Toons. There are a couple Toons in Return to Walden Earth, but the Toons-E-Toad Courthouse actually represents a sort of precursor technology to the Toons. They are more than just animatronic, but they are not yet “aware,” and don’t consider themselves a “people” like Toons do. The Toons-E-Toad Courthouse is one of the throwback novelty exhibits in Walden Earth that showcase Walden’s past.


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