Some updates: Xeric Grant and the break…

September 7, 2011

I just got back from a long Labor Day break. I had no computer or internet, so I couldn’t get any work up.

Before I left I saw that the Xeric Grant for self-publishing comic books will hold only one more competition, in February 2012. After that, the Xeric Grant for comic book creators will be no more. This changes a lot for my brother and I. We want to self-publish, and have always wanted to apply for the Xeric Grant, but have shied away from it. Now we don’t have a choice – we’re going to apply for the 2012 Xeric Grant.

The blog will now cover that process. I think I will include some of the more mundane parts of the process, as well, but I haven’t decided for sure. Win or not, we will have a lot of work done by the time we apply, and the blog will be full of new art and comic pages. That’s good enough for me.

For Xeric, we will be working from the Walden Earth script laid out in the “info” section. Currently, we’re going over the script and finalizing the chapters and structure one last time before we start the work. It’s hard to predict how long this will take, so I don’t know when we will “officially” start beginning to post pages.

So, while the blog isn’t a true web comic per se, it will basically have the same end result – pages posted a couple times per week (maybe Tues, Thurs?).

Also, Spectrum 18 will be out Novermber 15th, and one of our pictures made it into the book. Check out the “info” section to see it.  We’re gonna restructure the whole blog before that book hits the shelves so it is more easily navigable, just in case we get any newcomers (or “comers” at all, haha).


Here’s a random sketch I made before the break:

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