Khaoc vs. Walden Bunny

January 19, 2011

This is a kinda random image I worked on today. There is a Walden Bunny character strangling Khaoc in it. Mostly I wanted to try to see if I could make something in a comic form very quickly. This took me about 4 hours, so I think it’s a success. Instead of Dampurs Kline, I am going to make a few Khaoc vs. Walden shorts – fully “painted” like this image.

I think me and my brother decided on Khaoc vs. a giant over-the-top Walden destroyer bot, and Khaoc vs. fallen Waldenite soldier zombies.

As for this image, if you look on the bunny’s shoulder you’ll see the Walden “Smiling ‘W'” logo. It’s not as legible as I’d like but it’s a grinning toothy mouth in the form of a “W.” I guess the “smile” aspect acknowledges  Captain Smile-A-Long’s founding of the Walden Corporation.


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