Dewey Dog Head

December 27, 2010

Me and Matt are working on a revamp of the blog with a new format and lots of new Walden-inspired art. We’re hoping to make the whole thing more “focused” on what we are currently working on – the Walden story arc. I’m also planning on having some Dampurs Kline web comic stuff up in the future (semi-Walden related). We really want to claim our iconography and brand and a redesign is long overdue. The Aftermath project is very complex and we have to reorganize the website in order to more intuitively showcase our ideas. We’re hoping to have everything set up by the end of February.

This is something that I began recently. It’s a riff on cartoon icons while revealing the true character behind Walden’s friendly, corporate facade.


2 Responses to “Dewey Dog Head”

  1. Mike Says:

    Dude. I haven’t been on here in a while, and I come back to THIS. This is just effing incredible. Words can’t express the BAD ASS VISUAL JUXTAPOSITION you’ve created here. AAAHHH I need to show my friend now

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