Abram Photoshop Image -Again!

November 5, 2010

The portrait of Abram was pretty much my first attempt at trying to complete anything in a digital medium. The big difference is that this took me like 15-20 hours in Photoshop, while the Painter image from the last post only took about 5-6 hours. I really think I’ve been converted to the digital medium. I started viewing it as a serious contender for my artistic output last month, and I’m pretty convinced it is for me. I have 20 days or so left in my Painter free trial, so we will see.

Me and my brother are still working on an Aftermath rewrite. Check back for updates.

I’m going to start a new digital piece in Painter tomorrow that hopefully will have the clarity of (parts of) this image, but without the insane hours.

Since I don’t have any new images to post – here is that other one again! Woohoo!

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