Preview Issue – Printed!

September 30, 2010

The printed issue is finally here. It looks pretty much the same as what you see in the 2010 Submission Issue page above, but it feels different to have it in your hands, and, for some reason, the images look more detailed in the compressed format compared to the 11X117 art. Cool. This is what it looks like:

Props to the folks at DocuMart – the Yeon location in Portland, OR – for the excellent quality.


4 Responses to “Preview Issue – Printed!”

  1. Manda Says:

    Looks awesome! Where can I get a copy? huh huhhhhh

  2. Travis Knowles Says:

    I am veryveryvery late to all of this but any reprints or anything available? I’m working my way up chronologically so I’m not up to date but I would love a copy of this!!!

    • Yeah. they’re doing a reprint of issue 1. issue 2 already sold out at the distributor level… you could probably order both Big Clean #1 and #2 from an online retailer. They’re on Comixology, too, I believe. Big Clean is pretty much the only thing maybe worthy of “readable” and “not totally embarrassing.”

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