Master of Puppets Vinyl

June 14, 2010

This is a commission I just completed for a co-worker. Vinyl is a tough surface to work on when you want to keep the black of the vinyl itself as the background. The surface is very sensitive and offers little room for error or, unfortunately, correction.

I painted with acrylic on Metallica’s Master of Puppets.

The concept is that the buff dude is the Master of Puppets and he is making his rebellious creations “obey their master.”


2 Responses to “Master of Puppets Vinyl”

  1. Mike "The Astroburger Deity" Rosco Says:

    This is my favorite vinyl art to date. The characters are so inventive and expressive. I keep staring at all of the different personages…. one looks like he’s right out of Sesame Street. Another looks like a character from an old Final Fantasy game on Super Nintendo.

    Then there’s their expressions. They’re all in the same situation, yet there’s such diversity in emotion. Some appear overjoyed at being mastered. Others seem exasperated. Then there’s some who look like they legitimately think it’s funny.

    Awesome job dude

    • I am glad you responded to the various personalities I tried to give my puppets. I attempted to make them little individuals that all converged together to fight back against their creator – this Vulcan-ish puppet god – lol. Thanks, Mike! Nice handle!

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