Color Pow Machine and “Mind the Turrets”

April 25, 2010

So, I finished the Pow Machine page. I’ve never used this technique to make a complete image, and the process took a little longer than I intended. Also, the final product didn’t really measure up to what I wanted, but, at the same time, it’s not as bad as I feared it could be. That’s a fair trade in my book.

I’m going to do another picture like this soon and, after making lots of mistakes, hopefully maximize the effectiveness of this particular method at some point. First thing – more contrast in the next drawing. Second thing – I didn’t prep at all before I started this piece, so, that lead to some color confusion. I plan on doing some pages in full color using this style, so I really, really want it to work.

Basically, I used acrylic washes to add color over the gray scale on bristol, then built the drawing up with a little more paint, ink pens, markers, and lots of colored pencils. What I really need is a big set of color prismacolor markers. It would save a lot of time, and spare me the process of trying to even out the fast-drying acrylic washes done over large areas.

I actually took a night off to flesh out an idea me and my cousin came up with while I was in Anaheim. It has to do with busy intersections and crosswalks, Captain Smile-A-Long, and the repeated phrase “Mind the turrets.” Should make for an interesting script I hope.

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