Dampurs Kline Test Page

February 16, 2010

This is something I did some time ago as a test image for a comic page. It is in this “train” drawing style I’ve been posting lately. I was looking at it last night and, while pretty rudimentary, it gives a pretty good inkling as to what a finished product may look like. I felt it was the right time to post it considering I actually did most of the work on the train, as well. You can see where I had to fold it in half in order to fit to my clipboard.

The content was taken from a dream I had about this “down on his luck” clown boxer/wrestler named Dampurs Kline. My brother and I actually created a prominent role for Dampurs in the Aftermath. In the time-line, he lives in the pre-Walden era. His story is pretty well developed at this point, and I hope to get to writing it sometime within the next couple years.


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