W.I.P page 6, Walden Earth

November 18, 2009

Below is the W.I.P version of page 6 of The Aftermath: Walden Earth #1. Page 1-5 belong to the prologue I posted below, and since we haven’t yet worked out all the imagery for it, I skipped it and went to page 6.

Since I paint very opaquely with acrylic, I basically just sketched everything in as fast as I could. It’s kind of embarrassing to post this because it is just preparatory, but I said I would, so here goes nothing.

Sorry that the bottom is blurry. Camera ran out of batteries. As you can see, there are a few problems, and some blatant mistakes, but the paint will cover those up, hopefully.

I’ve never actually painted a comic page, but I paint a lot in acrylic, so I only half know what to expect as a final product.

I don’t know exactly when the fully painted version will be up, but I hope I can knock it out in the next day or two unless I run into some unforeseen major issue.


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