Some general stuff

November 16, 2009

My first informal post! Here we go!

My brother and I came up with the idea for The Aftermath about a year ago. It’s based on dreams mostly, but what we wanted to do was to give a mythological world for a lot of our ideas/dreams to thrive in. We really love Tolkien, and admire the care he took of Middle Earth, so he has always been a big inspiration to us. In order to follow Tolkien, however, it meant creating a fictional world, a fictional time-line, and even a fictional spiritual world. It took a long time, and it’s still evolving week to week, but after more than a year (we were developing this idea even longer than that of The Aftermath) I think we have made the tiniest bit of headway.

About a year ago, like I said, it all came together and we came up with a solid foundation for our new mythology. It is an apocalyptic mythology. That means the apocalypse is ongoing, and, unlike many movies/novels/games, in our world that process takes a long time. If it had to be placed in a genre it would be considered “horror.” So, we have a horrific apocalyptic mythology? Sounds cool, right? I always thought horror movie villains deserved more mythology than the limited attention their backgrounds got in their movies. This gives me the chance to see that idea through. And it allows me to create my own villains. Khaoc is one of those.

The first event within our mythological time-line that we decided to tackle in comic form was that of Walden. If you read my previous posts you’ll see that Walden was the first major force to develop after the catastrophic events following the appearance of the fabled god-child called, simply, The Guest. Walden can basically be summed up as a militaristic, killer Disney-ish, nation-state.  They have a pantheon of cartoon characters that they worship and so forth.  Dewey Dog is the most famous and beloved of all. The real leader of Walden, however, is the mysterious Captain Smile-A-Long.

The idea for Walden, as it stands today, came from a dream my brother had in which a bunch of people were being transported on some tram with a giant, rusty, scary cartoon face on the front. He told me that dream in October of 2008, and now that scene is in the first issue of Walden Earth. Hurray!

We  already attempted to submit the idea to a few publishers in early August of this year, but got nothing back the first time. No bigge. The stuff I will post over the next months will be going towards my next submission, hopefully to be sent off early next year.


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