The Aftermath: Walden Earth Summary

November 15, 2009

The story of The Aftermath begins with the appearance of a mytho-historic entity known as “The Guest.” The Guest, a genuinely magical child with no name, instigates an apocalyptic catastrophe designed to challenge the people of Earth to justify their own existence on this planet.

Thus, in the wake of the apocalypse, things turn for the worse. The Walden Corporation, a company comparable to our own mega corporation/animation studios, gains power and buys out nearly every major city on Earth. Each city is stripped of its former personality and is transformed into a secure, resort style retreat in which the rich, seeking to escape the bleak and brutal reality of the post-Guest world, pay top dollar for uber-escapist lifestyles. Surrounding neighborhoods and quaint, historic getaways are bulldozed for resources which are used in the construction of dozens of Walden-based chain restaurants and mega-stores. The poor and the resistant are slain without mercy.

In this way, Walden citizens can be shipped around the world via the Dewey Dog Tram, the Flying Squirrel Express, or the Lily Pad Cruiseline from Walden Paris to Wally Washington D.C and onto Porty Pig, Oregon. In each city Waldenites will find the same familiar, comfortable, unthreatening Walden based culture and cartoon imagery. The iconic Walden characters, with Dewey Dog at the forefront, will greet them as they arrive.

The greatest achievement in Walden’s history is the fully automated theme park and resort – Walden Earth. Now former US citizens don’t even need to leave their own backyard to experience “True World Travel!” Walden Earth is comprised of various, distinct areas based on locations world-wide.

Now, Walden Corporation is collapsing and Walden Earth is silent. A transport bus carrying a group of Walden POWs breaks down in the abandoned Walden Earth Transit Center. They soon find that, for them, the desolate, deteriorating theme park is less than welcoming. Walden’s overly-enthusiastic cartoon grin, in its insane neglect, has become murderous. Dewey Dog is coming for them.

Copyright Molen Brothers 2009

2 Responses to “The Aftermath: Walden Earth Summary”

  1. Travis Knowles Says:

    Oh man I’ve got a lot to catch up on!!! I had no idea this was here!!!! I MUST SPREAD THE WORD

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